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Course Details
Duration: 5 days (Stuck Pipe Prevention for 3 Days and Stuck Pipe Fishing 2 Days)
Cost: USD $2000
Assessment: Written assessments
Who should Attend ? Driller ,Tool Pusher, Night Pusher, Rig Manager, Offshore Installation Manager, Company Man, Drilling Engineer, Drilling Supervisor and Rig Superintendents
Course Description

  • Preventing stuck pipe incidents can save thousands of dollars in non-productive time. Stuck Pipe Prevention covers topics to eliminate or greatly reduce stuck pipe incidents on your rig. This course emphasis the prevention of stuck pipe, the team concept is used throughout the course, explaining the contribution and value of every crew member in the goal of keeping the pipe free. With your data, courses can be customized, and past stuck pipe incidents can be analyzed to determine what was done correctly and where techniques can be improved.
  • The participants will learn how to predict and make the contingency plan to prevent the stuck pipe, asking all the participants to bring their own case history to solve it.
  • This course provide the participants with an excellent knowledge how to write the proper report for the stuck pipe incidents, everyone will gain an excellent experience through the discussion and solving the cases histories more than 40 cases.
  • The course include all types of stuck pipe and the recommended procedures for preventing by analyzing the operations, how to free the stuck pipe in case of occurrence, hole cleaning and impact on the problems, and fishing tools and jar energize.

This course includes different exercises and the participants will work as groups or teams for dealing with the problems and solutions.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discus all the practical solution
  • Provide several case histories and how to solve the problems
  • Teach them to be creative in solving the problem and stimulate their response for the preventive actions
  • Discus the problems and the proper procedure solution for drilling optimization
  • Encourage them to bring their own problem discussing it and giving the proper solution

Drilling manager, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Engineers, Tool Pushers, Senior Drillers and Drilling Superintendents, mud engineers.

  • Attendees should have at least three years’ experience in drilling.



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